Obsessions + Confessions

Posted on 2016-07-01 14:30:02 by susannah on Journelle

20160701OCBlogObsession: Perhaps it’s our impeccable french press skills or that we insist on everyone wearing robes for cocktail hour (trust. it’s best this way), but we often find ourselves inundated with houseguests this time of year. After repeating our unbearable multiple numeral network and password over and over, we’re officially obsessed with this free customizable, printable wi-fi card for guests that takes our hostess game up a notch.

Confession: This article about Instagram-induced-blindess hit a liiiittle too close to home. Investing in a sleep mask and going to start implementing a pre-bed-screen-free rule right. this. minute. Well, ok, just after we check the feed one more time

Have a beautiful weekend, darlings.



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