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The Lingerie Handbook
Rebecca Apsan is the lingerie evangelist. She knows that intimate apparel has the power to transform. That the right bra affects not only look, but outlook. That sexy silk or lace are feminine armor, offering a soft layer of protection against life’s vicissitudes. Her New York City store, La Petite Coquette, draws shoppers from around the world—and not just the celebrities who swear by it. New York Magazine sings her praises as “the best bra-fitter in the country”; so does Lucky. The Wall Street Journal wrote up her role in catapulting Hanky-Panky thongs onto every well-dressed woman’s must-have list—on their front page! She provided all the intimate apparel for Sex and the City. And now Rebecca Apsan is ready to divulge thirty years of wisdom and insider information about how underclothes can make the woman.
Lingerie: Two Centuries of Luscious Design
Peek into the most personal clothing in a woman's boudoir-the undergarments designed to shape, conceal, enhance, and reveal the body to create a silhouette for outerwear fashions from 1770 to 1970. From corsets to negligees to reverse thongs, hundreds of fascinating garments are shown in over 500 color photographs that reflect ever-changing social factors, which influenced day and nighttime occasions. The lively, well researched text explores evolving clothing styles where unmentionables came into play. The full glossary, value guide, and index assist archivists, researchers, clothing dealers, designers, and collectors who will refer to this study frequently for documented examples.
1000 Dessous: A History of Lingerie
Since the beginning of civilization, women have worn underwear. Justified as protection, or a hygienic necessity, this "second skin" was devised to satisfy perverse erotic instincts. A "trap laid by Venus" to entertain and stimulate the fantasies of both the woman who wears them and the man who discovers them. Corsets, bras and panties are not utilitarian items -- they are elements in a mystic ritual linking man and woman. They act as an obsessive focus for fantasy, for the sex they conceal is powerless without the decorations and seductions which separate us from it. Pleasure would perish without censorship. Women have always known how to stimulate the latent fetishism of the men around them. Under her dress, a Greek girl of the classical period would wear a belt around her hips which was of no practical use except to draw attention to her feminity. Likewise, the women of Rome already wore garters round their thighs, though the stocking had not yet been invented. In our own century, vamps, starlets, pin-ups and models have filled our cinema screens, our advertising hoardings, our office calendars and our imaginations with the erotic engineering of the garter belt and the surreptitious rustle of nylon stockings.
Uplift: The Bra in America
Jane Farrell-Beck and Colleen Gau have collaborated to produce a minor miracle: an informal yet comprehensively researched work of history and sociology that isn't dull, isn't pretentious, isn't politically correct (or incorrect), and that's fun to read as well as being instructive."--Robert Gottlieb, New York Observer "In this good-humored yet careful examination, Farrell-Beck and Gau illuminate women's experience of this most everyday garment... A fun, punchy book."--Publishers Weekly "Uplift is extremely well-researched, and is significantly better than previous histories of the brassiere.
Bra: A Thousand Years Of Style, Support & Seduction
Lacy, padded, push-up, frilly, strapless, halter, plunge, underwire, minimizer, maximizer--the bra in all its glorious forms is celebrated in this sassy gift book for fashionable girls everywhere. From the suffragettes to the Supremes, from Marilyn Monroe to Madonna, the bra has had more impact on shaping generations of women than any other item of clothing. The evolution of the bra, from the constricting corset to the liberating Wonderbra, is laid bare in nine uplifting chapters, spilling over with juicy facts, fashion highlights and archive photos of the Hollywood divas who brought the bra to the big screen and into the hearts of men worldwide. Bra Function and Fantasy is presented in a stylish format that makes it an ideal gift from one fashionable girl to another. It contains hundreds of fascinating photographs, including inspirational archive photos of 1950s screen goddesses. This fun and sophisticated book celebrates the bra and everything it stands for--giving girls the information, inspiration and support they need to make the most of their assets!
The Story of Lingerie (Temporis Collection)
What do the thousands of images of bras and panties on perfectly sculpted bodies that we see spread across billboards and magazines say about our society? Many women indulge in lingerie to please men. Yet, since Antiquity, women have always kept lingerie hidden away under outer garments. Thus, lingerie must be more than erotic bait. Authors Muriel Barbier and Shazia Boucher have researched iconography to explore the relationship of lingerie to society, the economy and the corridors of intimacy. They correlate lingerie with emancipation, querying whether it asserts newfound freedoms or simply adjusts to conform to changing social values. The result is a rigorous scientific rationale spiced with a zestly humour. And the tinier lingerie gets, the more scholarly attention the authors believe it deserves.
Hoorah for the Bra: A Perky Peek at the History of the Brassiere
It was in 1914 that Mary Phelps Jacob set women free—from the prison of the corset. With a little help from her lady’s maid, this ingenious New York socialite stitched together two handkerchiefs and a long pink ribbon to fashion the world’s first-ever brassiere. (Jacob later sold her patent for $1,500—to a company that went on to make $15 million off her invention.) The rest, as they say, is history—a history that’s amply, titillatingly documented by designer Cheree Berry in Hoorah for the Bra. The 20s’ flat-chested flappers, the 50s’ bullet-bosomed bombshells, the eye-gouging cones of Madonna’s Blonde Ambition–tour bustier: this provocative pop-up book reveals it all. The straps and the cups. The underwire and the padding. The elastic and the Lycra. The demure pink satin and the racy midnight lace. Hoorah for the Bra tells a tale that doesn’t sag and presents a cast of characters—mail-order moguls, brassiere-torching women’s-libbers, sweater-clad movie stars—who never let you down. Sure to be a bust-out hit, the book’s the perfect gift for any Wonderbra dreamer or Frederick’s of Hollywood vamp. To view the pop-ups, you just lift and separate!
Hidden Underneath: A History Of Lingerie
The history of lingerie is laid bare in this comprehensive history of women's undergarments. Spanning from restrictive Victorian corsets through the sexual revolution of the 1960s and into the "anything goes" attitude of the new millennium, this shows how cultural changes affect sexuality and lingerie. Loaded with advertising photos, film stills and glamour shots, this is as visually enticing as it is intellectually stimulating. Includes an illustrated timeline and fully annotated text by French fashion historian Chenoune.
The Corset: A Cultural History
For 400 years, women wore corsets that controlled their shape and constricted, and sometimes crushed, their ribs and organs. In the 18th century, "tight-lacing" was a common phenomenon, but in the 19th century, technology allowed for more effective corsetry. Shortly after the turn of the 20th century, the corset became less popular and gradually faded almost completely from use, though recently, it's come back into fashion as sexy outerwear. In The Corset: A Cultural History, Valerie Steele, chief curator and acting director of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology and editor of Fashion Theory: The Journal of Dress, Body & Culture, takes on an item of clothing that has achieved notoriety among many historians. But Steele challenges the popular view that corset-wearing women were merely the victims of fashion, and delves into the "complex gender politics surrounding the corset controversies of the past." The hundreds of color and b&w photos and illustrations provide entertaining visual evidence for Steele's scholarship. Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information, Inc.
Support and Seduction: The History of Corsets and Bras
Thoughout the ages, women's breasts have been subjected to the endless whims of fashion. From the ancient Greeks to Mae West and Madonna, this light-hearted book charts the changing shapes of female beauty. The elegant and amusing images - including fashion drawings, paintings, photographs, and film stills - illustrate the often surprising history of the garments women have worn for support - and seduction.
The History of Underclothes
Fascinating survey of various undergarments worn by the English over six centuries. Well-documented, scholarly presentation enhanced with over 100 period illustrations depicting laced-up bodice of the 12th century, embroidered linen drawers (1500s), hooped petticoat support in bentwood (c. 1750), footed long drawers (1795), 19th-century bustles, early 19th-century corsets for men, Victorian "bust improvers," much more.
Lingerie: A Lexicon of Style
Written by cultural historian and fashion academic Caroline Cox, Lingerie: A Lexicon of Style explores the fetish and fun of underwear, referring to influential designers, historical trends, and other factors that continue to shape how we perceive and wear lingerie. A spirited, provocative, and thoroughly informed examination of ladies undergarments, Lingerie is a romp through more than 200 color photos accompanied by sparkling text that makes even the G-string seem faintly erudite. Begining with that most controversial item of feminine garb, the corset, Cox explores just how far this confining contraption has progressed over the past 200 years. The bra likewise comes under scrutiny in a witty appraisal of its iconic appeal. Panties, stockings, and suspenders; slips, peignoirs, and camisoles; and athletic-inspired vests and briefs are all covered (and uncovered) in an expert, artistic, and elegant fashion. In Lingerie, Cox gets to the crux of the evolution of erotic style.
Handbook of Lingerie: A Man's Guide to Choosing Lingerie for the Woman in His Life
"I could never get my husband to buy me lingerie." Andrew Wilson, a research technician and experienced lingerie shopper, immediately set out to investigate the roots of this overheard complaint. What he found was a shocking lack of information for men who want to buy lingerie for the women in their lives. In response, Andrew painstakingly crafted Handbook Of Lingerie: A Man's Guide To Choosing Lingerie For The Woman In His Life. This definitive text empowers men to shop confidently, secure in their knowledge about: types of lingerie, lingerie sizing, materials, terminology, styles of lingerie preferred by women, best places to buy lingerie, and effective communications with store staff.
Secret Life of Syrian Lingerie: Intimacy and Design
The most outrageous and exuberant lingerie in the world comes from a place youíd probably never expect: Syria. Adorned with everything from faux fur artificial flowers and feathered birds to plastic toy cell phones these intimates flash lights play music even vibrate. Well known across the Middle East—in Syria the lingerie forms an important part of the folk tradition around trousseaus and weddings—it is openly displayed in the markets and souks. Authors Malu Halasa and Rana Salam have brought together a diverse and dramatic collection of photography and writing including the voices of Syrian women celebrating this little-known niche of fashion design in all its playful glory.
A Passion For Lingerie
Boudoir is back, JO Glanville-Blackburn's new book celebrates the fashion, beauty, and technology of lingerie. From sexy and seductive to body-sculpting, vintage, and romantic styles, lingerie is as fundamental to fashion as bags and shoes. "A Passion for Lingerie" embraces the female body, too. Beautiful lingerie brings confidence and heightens self-awareness. So, be inspired to be more flirtatious, sensual, and daring in the way you look and feel, from the very first thing you put on next to your skin. -A fun gift for any underwear addict. -Follows the bestselling series "Mad About Shoes" and "Mad About Bags". _With enchanting new photography by Claire Richardson.
Underneath It All
What's the secret to feeling sexier and incredibly confident, to looking thinner and shapelier without losing a pound? It's not your body or your clothes, but what you wear underneath it all! Now you can learn the secrets of always looking and feeling your best. Whether you're well-endowed or more petite, have a bountiful behind or want to create more curves, there is beautiful lingerie for you. This book will help you find it, fit it, wear it and most of all love it!. Discover the best styles for your body and show off your assets. Build a lingerie wardrobe with the perfect pieces for every occasion, from bare essentials to sultry extras. Ensure the perfect fit with our guide to bra fit flaws and fixes. Learn what to wear for any occasion whether you're dressing to impress or dressing to undress!