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About Lingerie Planet

Lingerie Planet was created to be a central source of information for all lingerie professionals and enthousiasts that want to stay at the leading edge of information.

Lingerie Planet has several sections:


The News Section is an aggregation of lingerie-related blog and news feeds. The contents are updated every 15 minutes. We select feeds that deliver news about lingerie only. Feeds that deliver too much advertising, generic content or non-lingerie related topics will be removed. You can propose a feed to be included into Lingerie Planet, but the choice of inclusion or exclusion of a feed remains solely with this site's management. If your feed is listed here, would would are happy if you link back to us from your site.


The directory is listing Brands, Companies, Shops, Magazines, Trade Fairs and other lingerie sites. Brands, Companies and Shops are linked with each other wherever the information is available. Additionally, those three lists have each their own RSS feeds that are collected form Google News, searching for the Brands/Shops/Company names. Since some of them have generic names ("Trend", "Well" etc), the newsfeed might not actually be related to lingerie.
In the future we also might list manufacturers and distributors, but since little information is available about those on the net, it might take some time.